What a year!


I really can’t believe that we are just weeks away from Christmas. The last few months have been increasingly busy – as any self-employed parent will know, juggling it all is sometimes a little tricky! I’m so lucky to do a job that I love though, plus I work with so many amazing people in the wedding and craft industries (and no, I’m not just saying that – they really are a lovely bunch).

Aside from my usual feature work, I’ve been working on a few coverbooks recently. First up, I put together the second DIY special for Perfect Wedding, which has to be one of my favourite commissions. The cover image is by Festival Brides (a blog I wish I ran!) and featured inside are step-by-step guides to making all kinds of pretty wedding details by the very clever and creative Emily Carlill at Love Me Sew, Peggy Porschen, Erin Hung at Berin Made and Terri at Smitten on Paper.


Another project I’ve worked on recently is a themes and trends booklet that’s free with this month’s Perfect Wedding. It was great fun researching all the new  ideas for 2014 – I absolutely love the enchanted woodland theme, and you can see why when you look at this beautiful shot (below) from the too-talented-for-words Zoe and Mandy at Dottie Photography. I will try and show you the rest of this gorgeous styled shoot at some point soon!


Over on Craftseller, I recently compiled their Handmade Christmas Gifts coverbook, which went on sale today. I just wish I had time to make some of the cute things inside, which include a knitted bear hat, decoupage letters, upcycled snow globes and mini gingerbread houses.

And finally, remember I was talking about getting a dog someday? Well, ‘someday’ came sooner than expected as the opportunity arose to rehome a very friendly and exciteable cocker spaniel who goes by the name of Mr Charlie Bear. Here he is, wearing a lovely red leather bow tie collar designed by The Barking Bride.



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